Where can I purchase a Choose Water bottle?

Our bottles are expected to be available to purchase in the UK at retail price right here on our website in Q4 of this year.


I live outside of the UK, how can I get my hands on a Choose Water bottle?

We will not be shipping internationally in the near future, however we will begin to look into licensing in 2020 to improve availability overseas. 


I am interested in being a license holder, how do I go about this?

Please sign up to our mailing list. We will keep everyone notified of our developments, and when we begin international licensing conversations.


What exactly is the Choose Water liner composed of?

I’m afraid that’s our little secret - we cannot disclose these details! We can assure you it is a mixture of 100% plant-based, sustainably sourced, biodegradable ingredients.

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Six bottles of Still Scottish Water.


The difference between Choose Water and choosing plastic is 400 years of polution to our oceans, environment and wildlife. Our bottle which is 100% biodegradeable will physically degrade once submerged under water within hours/days and completely biodegrade between 2 months to a year, depending on conditions.


Our water, starting as pure Scottish rainfall spends around 50 years filtering gently through miles of cracks in the Granite Rocks of The Cairngorms before emerging under its own pressure. Nothing is forced, we only take what nature provides and the whole system is sustainable as part of the local water cycle. The water then makes it's way to be bottled in the heart of Edinburgh.

Six Pack - Still Water 500ml

SKU: CH001
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